Epson R1900 print head clogged

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Re: Epson R1900 print head clogged

Use the one on the right side. The area on the left is usually where ink is deposited after so many prints. I think it is there to prevent ink build up on the print head.

The one on the right is where all the cleaning cycles happen, use this pad. Any liquids on the pad will just soak to the bottom of the printer through a tube. You can also try using a warm water and ammonia mix. Ammonia is toxic, so don't try heating it up. Maybe heat up water then mix it with the ammonia. The warm water may better help dissolve the clog.

Yeah the sensor swabs are a great idea, they should work fine. I usually wad them up soak in ammonia and put them under the print head on the right side. This will apply a little pressure. They should be similar to pec pads.
Best of luck.


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