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About fair play...

I want to comment this discussion as a family member of Manuaalitarkennus because I feel that these comments are really unfair to her. I feel bad also because I talked her to start participating when I saw a challenge to which she had some excellent images (IMO). I am the only other member in our family registered in Dpreview, but of course I cannot know about her friends, so I can only tell my viewpoint.

Unfortunately I have no explanation to the, obviously strange, voting results in the Jazz challenge. First I thought that her image just "missed the radar" of some people who want to pull the potential winners down - to me it seems that such people exist, as the Gold! challenge showed - but since she is the only one having very few 0.5 votes in the Jazz challenge, I know that it is not a valid argument. However, I would never call anyone to her friend if he/she votes to pull others down to "help" her image up . It would be the most wicked thing one can do in a challenge, as we can see from this discussion. She is now blamed for these oddities, and believe me, the last thing she wants here is to win by cheating. I know her well enough to be sure that she has not organized voters to support her or to pull others down. If someone has, he/she should have the guts to stand up and take the blame (and stop it). I sincerely hope that Dpreview would investigate the oddities in the challenges and block voters who systematically pull specific persons up or large numbers of images in a challenge down.

Manuaalitarkennus and I have discussed about participating in the challenges quite a lot, and this is not serious for either of us; it is just interesting to see how different images get votes. We both feel that participation should be just fun. We agree with Norberto that biased voting spoils the fun of the challenges, and being accused for cheating even more so.

PS. I did not vote in the Jazz or Gold! challenges (actually not in any challenge in a couple of weeks), and I have never voted the images of Manuaalitarkennus using any other criteria than I use for all images in the challenges in which I vote.

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