Another high ISO myth broken!

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more to it than that

tigrebleu wrote:

The review of the Pentax K-x shows that the high ISO race is no longer an affair between the big two DSLR manufacturers. It's now a race between three APS-C DSLRs brands!

(IMHO Sony still needs to tame its chroma noise and reduce its noise reduction before it can compete with Canon and Nikon, and both Sigma, Panasonic and Olympus have smaller sensors that put them at a disavantage in the noise departement).

Of course, all this is when comparing the JPEG files. RAW noise is another issue altogether, since it depends on the RAW converter's noise reduction performance.

I think Pentax can be proud of its latest DSLRs. Not only are they now on the same level with similary priced products from competitors in terms of IQ, but in the case of the K-x, it's even a bit in advance!

Sure, this high ISO race is not over.

The next APS-C DSLR that will be released next will probably surpass the K-x in terms high ISO performance (it will be on par at the very least, I guess), whichever brand it is from.

But to see a Pentax DSLR actually do better than a Nikon and Canon DSLR at high ISO is good news for Pentax. Now nobody will be able to claim that Pentax is inferior to other manufacturers, and this will certainly help a bit establish Pentax as a leading brand in terms of image quality.

It's also good news for Canon and Nikon users: more competition from Pentax means more improvements from Canon and Nikon, and all of us will benefit from these innovations in the end.

The DSLR market needs fair and healthy competition, not a two players monopoly. Olympus and Panasonic also have excellent offering with their MicroFourThird systems, and this makes the market even more interesting and active. With Sony lowering prices on their FF sensors, the situation is almost perfect, although it is often financially difficult for all players involved.

I think Pentax is on the right path with its latest DSLRs, the K-m, K-7 and K-x.



Some Pentaxes have always done well at high iso...and as well as the nikon (better in my K100d vs d40) and that is because they have pretty much used the same or similar Sony sensors as Nikon....even the crappy at high iso 10mp ccd ones. EDIT and while Pentax had the award winning K10d alongside the D80, Nikon had camera that did high iso better that were higher end....that still applies but the K-x is so good that people who would otherwise not get an entry level camera are happy to get are users of other brands who are getting one just for fun.

The thing is (in my opinion) that this is the first Pentax camera that ticks ALL the boxes for a lot of non Pentax users. I think the K-7 does too but it could be better for ME with the K-x sensor.

Auto focus, frames per second AND high iso....all the previous Pentaxes that used the same sensors have been missing one at least frames per second and in the eyes of others, the NON Sony sensor cameras have not been as good at high iso.

When they put the K-x sensor or better in a K-7 and alongside the existing one maybe (dreaming about BOTH interchangeable...but I could not afford THAT), that will be when Pentax has a real win ...and if it is at the same time as the medium format comes will probably be time to sell up as there will not be enough legacy lenses to go around.


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