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Not about gold anymore but about jazz.


thank you, I feel much better after reading this.

About the jazz photo - I've always liked it a lot, and I'd like to explain why... I'm a big fan of RTF, and Stanley Clarke is a legend for sure. The twist of his wrist is quite famous, and I find it much more essential and even more characteristic than his face - it's what makes the aggressive bass sound I (and many others) love. So I decided to crop out everything non-essential and trust those giant hands would tell the story. For me, they do, and many musicians and music fans have praised the photo.

I didn't expect it to do this good here, but that's not because I wouldn't find the photo good enough, but because this is not a musician / music lover site. I didn't know if this story would be interesting for an average photographer - and I'm not sure if I still do. Technically speaking, there's nothing wrong, is there? It's a sharp photo (only a hint of hand movement showing), colors and exposure are fine, composition and cropping are effective. Lightning and background are nothing special, I know, but the story I intended to tell is told effectively, IMO. I took it for a music magazine, so, even the story was very interesting for my client.

I still find it a good photo, and it's a shame I didn't really find out how do other photographers find it (at least it seems I didn't). If I really do have "followers", it's surely a great compliment, but I'd like to them vote honestly, also other photos.

Yes, my alias means Manual Focus, maybe I should have translated it myself. It's been the name of my web pages for years.

Have a wonderful Christmas, Norberto, and all the others.


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