5DMII or 7D for casual shooter....

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Re: 5DMII or 7D for casual shooter....

I think people are getting a bit hung up on the use of 'casual shooter'. Definitions for that vary, and the OP already had some decent SLR lenses. It's a valid point that these are not first-DSLR camera choices, but since it appears this isn't their first...

I spent a lot of time trying to pick between the 7D and 5DII. They are both very good, and they shine for different things. If there was already a 5DIII I'd have gone for that. But given the current feature breakdown, I wanted faster/fancier focusing more than I felt I was being held back by the IQ advantages a 5DII would offer. I went with the 7D and put the saved money into a 17-55mm lens.

It depends on the type of photography you do. If I did just portraits I'd have gone with a FF sensor.

Having both bodies does mean you get double mileage out of many of your (non-EFS) lenses. So at some point later I may do that. But for now, I don't use my camera often enough to need more bodies.

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