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Re: Monolithic Color: Gold! - oddity

DarylK wrote:

If I ever have the misfortune of running into a situation like this, I'll create a new alias and not tell anybody (family/friends) to try to reestablish an unbiased scoring.

Hang in there and try to keep it fun and fair - and keep shooting and entering!


Thank you Daryl, it's nice to know there's still someone who trusts me.

If there really is someone trying to help me with fishy voting, I don't think a new alias would help - my friends and family have already seen a lot of my photos and I believe they'd even recognize my style quite easily when they haven't. My web pages aren't the "best of -collection" type but there's a series of changing "exhibitions" of my newest photos, so it wouldn't be easy to avoid entering photos I've already published there. I can't even remember all of the photos I've published. (I've never told anyone my alias, the few people who know it found it out themselves.)

I still have a hard time believing anyone (my friends or family) would do anything like this to me. I really hope someone would come up with some other explanation. But most of all, I hope to get honest opinions and votes on my photos, believe it or not. I'm far too serious with photography to cheat in any way - and surely not serious enough with these challenges.

I'll always keep shooting, and for now I'll also keep entering and hope these issues could soon be forgotten.

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