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Re: DPR ISO results for Kx compared to Image Resources D90

Tuputam wrote:

jonny1976 wrote:

the pentax kx is miles ahead in many aspect, iq in first place.

Sorry even though Kx is among the best APSC, it's not "miles" ahead of Nikon D5000/D90 in IQ department.

Here is D90 vs Kx at ISO 6400 (D90 is one the left)

D90 and D5000 have same IQ at IR. ...

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I think that both DPRs photo analysis of noise & IQ at various ISOs and that used by Image Resources comparativemeter are correct only DPR uses std 50/1.4 lens to test the limits of the cameras processor and developing engine while Image Resources uses the std kit zoom lens provided with the particular camera. In this case the zoom kit lens provided in the much more expensive D90 is of much better IQ than the std Pentax zoom kit lens which most regard as being not very good. So the DPR shows that the Kx processor is doing the better job at high ISOs but one will have to buy better Pentax mount lenses other than the std kit lens to realize that advantage.

This has always been a problem with DPR reviews as the results show the theoretical potential but not necessarily reflect what the experience the average user might experience if he does not go beyond the std kits lens and both results are important to the user. In other words the Kx processor is out resolving the capabilities of it's std zoom lens. This is why in practice the Pany G m4/3rds series cameras produce such good pictures as the std kits lens combined with in camera corrections are of better quality than most APS-C entry DSLR kit lenses while the DPR results may not reflect that except for the very high resolution figures showed how much detail is retained. With a smaller lens it is easier and cheaper to provide the same quality of lens IQ.

I very much would like the Kx camera especially for its exceptional high ISO output but realize that buying better lens than kit zoom will cost me. Any suggestions of alternatives to the Pentax kit zoom and still keep compact size and reasonable price? I have a K10 with std lens 28-85 + 50-200 which I use most of the time.

Just my two bits

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