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Re: It Still Baffles Me

The Olympus CxxxxZ camera's had a lot going; that even today's camera's can't compete. Features like manual focusing, f/1.8 lens, ability to take auxillary lenses, and wireless remote control. Wow, and to think I paid over $800 for that C2000Z! In today's money, that is probably $1100; ouch!


Barry Nelson wrote:

It amazes me everyday when I see the old memory cards "Smartmedia" selling for as much as $69.00 for a 128mb when you could easily (for the same money or a little more) buy a newer 10mp camera for the same price and pay as little as $12.00 for a 8gb card. Bottom line: People love their old digcams and will pay any price to get memory for them. I much rather have a 2.1 Olympus C-2100 (aka UZ1) than a new 10mp camera that hangs on a rack at the local drug store next to the electric shavers.

'Kicking Back With My Pentax K200D (Sigma 70-300m) & Fuji E-550. Love to buy and sell classic old digital cameras, the 2000 model Olympus C-2100UZ can't be beat.
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