A700 or A550 ?

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Re: A700 or A550 ?

cruzerpics wrote:

I don't own an a550 but have owned an a500 for nearly 2 months now which I use along side my a700 I shot mainly strobist style portraits. I bought the a500 to replace my a350 which I always felt was really unresponsive camera but continued to use it strictly for the freedom of composer in LV. I've logged nearly 2000 photos on the a500 and have learned to adapt or work around any misgivings I had about the power switch location and lack of Quick Navi. I'm defending the lack of Quick Navi as it would better if all Sony cameras had a unified GUI but in practice using the new navigation system doesn't take any extra time to make the adjustments (it takes the same number of button pushes)

MLU was never an issue for me because I rarely ever use a tripod in my work. One thing I really miss on a500 is DMF found on the a700 and my trusty KM5D which would make using MF LV a little less cumbersome to use because you still have to fumble with AF/Manual switch, It would much more intuitive if the AF motor was disengaged as some as you pushed the MF LV button.

Sorry this getting long winded but in summary since getting the a500 I carry it more with me for day to day personal shooting and only grab the a700 when I need to make use of finer adjustments it offers and faster shutter speeds 1/8000(a700) vs 1/4000 (a500). In difficult lighting I actually prefer the the a500 because the MF LV is simply so much more useful than having the fractionally larger VF of the a700. The a500 is not perfect but it is really a versatile tool and gives up nothing to a700 in terms of IQ and responsiveness.

Cruzerpics, your two statements that you found the a350 unresponsive and the a500 gives up nothing to the a700 in terms of speed constitute the best argument for getting one of the new cameras I have read - coupled with what I know of your photography from Dyxum. This is the kind of comparative comment I visit review sites like Dpreview and AMW to find but never do.

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