Any D90 successor rumors ?

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Re: Any D90 successor rumors ?

You're right, Nikon is actually that stupid to release a camera that never needs upgrading. It's absolutely perfect in every way

And that's JUST what they want consumers to believe until the update comes out Well done Nikon!

spbStan wrote:

What should you care what Canon does? Nothing they have tried in the class has been able to take better images more consistently than the D90. Not one Canon, at any price has better dynamic range than the D90. Name one that focuses better?

Has any Canon ever made (and i shoot Canon film for many years) have better flash systems?

They are trying add lots of half fleshed out features to attract people who don't know any better. With so many newcomers getting DSLR who grew up on the P&S pixel race Canon is aiming their new models at them. People who want a camera to work consistently, be low noise/high ISO, have wide dynamic range, etc are quite happy sitting with 2 year old Nikons and not have to worry that maybe this newest camera will fix the problems promised for the last camera.

I have shooting buddies who use 5ds and even 1dIII and I have only my lowly D90. My shots in the same conditions are consistently in focus, exposed well, have lower noise, no banding, no aggressive NR artifacts, etc. Yes, the 5d has better video but I never use mine now so it is not a selling point to me. And the 1dIII has a faster frame rate but 4.5 is more than I ever need. Otherwise the D90 takes better still photos. Ask a 7d owner how he likes his landscapes now with the new camera that starts being defraction limited as low as only f9!!

Why would Nikon want to change models when the D90 is selling so well and is so widely admired?
If you need a camera, you could hardly do better by getting the current D90.
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