[Help] Tripod and a prime for 5D MKII

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Re: [Help] Tripod and a prime for 5D MKII

I'm gonna second this. I'd have firsted it if I hadn't been beaten to the punch. I JUST got a Benro travel angel. They're just over a pound and fold up to just under a foot. I can strap them to any bag I own with some webbing and trickiness. I'm a pretty mobile shooter, so it's key for me. It lets me take along my heavy glass and not get tired. There are a few models to choose from. I have the 4-section leg model, which is the lightest. Thin legs at the end, but it feels secure. I also second avoiding the heads. They're crap for design. I played with on on a store before I bought the 'pod. They require a freakin' hex key to get on and off. I grabbed a camulet ball head, which matches the pod nicely. Short, light enough, and only runs $80-$90.

I'm also gonna second those lens choices as a potential solution. I started with the 35-1.4, and it was my only lens for nearly three years. I use it less now that I have a ff camera, but it's still a quality lens. I got the 85 1.2 about a year ago. It's no good if you are in for ACTION shots in the dark, but if you can take the time to focus, it makes beautiful happen.

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