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Recently bought two 2mp cameras for 3D photography...

Barry Nelson wrote:

I just received an Olympus C-700 10X zoom I snagged off Ebay for $32.50 in like new condition and a 64mb and 16mb Olympus Smartmedia card.

I was also a C-700 UZ user, and it was a great camera...I had to even go back to it a while back because I tore a tendon in my hand and I couldn't support the weight of my dSLR (I've since gone back to my dSLR although I now use a grip strap with it).

Thoughts and your favorite older digcam?

Well, I've been doing electronic photography since the late 80's, my first non-film camera was a Canon Xapshot (aka Q-pic) wasn't digital, but it used a CCD and recorded analog video pictures (like a single frame from a VHS tape) onto a 2" floppy disk.

Another camera that got a lot of use was my "JamCam" which was 0.3mp (640x480). I actually bought a second one and mounted both on a metal bar to do 3D photography.

Which brings me to my latest purchase of two Fuji Finepix A201 2mp cameras (that I paid $10 each for), again which will be mounted on the metal bar and used for 3D photography (to get more resolution than the JamCams had).

So why didn't I just buy a second dSLR...well it's just too heavy to lift two dSLRs...although if I was doing fine art and paid for it I would get two Oly E-P1's since they are small enough.

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