SB900 overheating? (D700)

Started Oct 23, 2009 | Discussions thread
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Re: SB900 overheating? (D700)

spiny wrote:

Have to agree with you Ron. I was doing a wedding last weekend and as expected, the SB900 overheated. I had the SB800 as a backup: so even though I missed a few shots, it wasn't so bad. I am thinking about getting a Nissin Di866. While it doesn't have all the bell and whistles of the SB900, it does the job and has comparable GN.
Also, it's much cheaper and, most importantly, it doesn't it doesn't overheat.

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Don't do that, the Di866 overheat even faster than SB900, I have both and Di866 serve as a backup while it'd proven itself NOT backing me up AT ALL

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