A few EP-1 and GF-1 questions

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Re: A few EP-1 and GF-1 questions


Re. quick menus on the E-P1/E-P2, I just bought the latter and had to fiddle around for a bit in order to get the "Super Control Panel" to come up but now I've done so I find it fantastic for getting very easy access to the main settings. Could hardly be easier in fact.

DLBlack wrote:

I was at my local camera store and they finally started to carry Panasonic cameras and had a GF-1 camera on the self. They also had a EP-1 camera. So I spent an hour or so handling both of theses camera. I didn't get the owner manual out so I tried to figure things out by just trial and error.

On the EP-1 I never could get to a quick menu and digging into the regular menu system is a real pain. I really wish there were more direct controls.

On the GF-1 I never could get to the EV comp.

I did like the handling of the GF-1 better than the EP-1. The AF is a little faster espeically in the low light of the camera store. The screen is nicer. The controls seems to be a little easier to get to since they do have a Quick Menu button. Seems to handle like my D-Lux 4, which I really like.

I read in Popular Photography that the GF-1 is more noiser than the EP-1. I am guessing that is jsut for in-camera JEPG and not for RAW. Is that right. Then again Popular Photography could just be wrong. This wouldn't be the first case for what use to be a great photography magizine.

I am still thinking about buying one of these cameras.


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