Will the ZS3 alone be enough?

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Re: I cant say for yourself...

bargainfrog wrote:

papillon_65 wrote:

but for me the ZS3 would be all I need for a bacpacking trip. The only caveat is that I'd take a small table top tripod.

Wow, that's great to hear from DSLR owners that ZS3 would be enough .


I've been using SLR exclusively for 25+ years and now say the same: a ZS3/TZ7 is all I would take to any vacation, trip, or whatever. The times of dragging a heavy bag with camera and lenses only to lose many excellent photographic opportunities and ruin my enjoyment are over for me.

I've not thought about getting a small table top tripod until now, any particular ones that you would recommend?

Any decently solid one will do, the smaller the better. And even if you don't carry a tripod, it's just about the same, just put the camera on a table, a chair, or your backpack, it will do as well.

For instance, I took this picture at midnight in available light (no flash) with the ZS3 resting on a pool chair:

See my Lumix ZS3 (TZ7) pics at http://www.flickr.com/photos/mirepapa/


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