Live View on External screen - Aputure Gigtube

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Re: Live View on External screen - Aputure Gigtube

rkahl wrote:

You can buy this for your iPhone for a couple of bucks ($1.99 to be exact).
DSLR remote lite

Using the iphone you still need to tether the camera to a laptop, unless you have Canon and a wireless file transmitter. I've used the iPhone app with my D700 and tethered to a laptop - I still prefer tethered to laptop + Nikon Camera Control Pro

With this Aputure device you don't need the laptop or Canon WFT part. However, I've seen people using cheap portable DVD players with an AV input that would be better screen size and res than this and probably cheaper - so long as you have Liveview just connect a video cable from the camera AV out to the DVD player AV in. Of course plugging in the cable blanks out the on-camera LCD on most cameras, I think.

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