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Re: still using mine despite the alternatives

kjunom wrote:

I just used my Olympus C3000 two weeks ago in NYC. It's small, works great and takes fine pics with accurate focus and exposure, good enough optics and some zoom range. It allows plenty of user control or auto operation. I sent a friend some pics a few years ago from a weekend at Cape May and he liked them so much he had a couple of them printed and framed for me. I've got bigger, better cameras, but the C3000 is just so convenient and unobtrusive. If you check out some of the photo contests from their "era", the 3MP cameras are plenty capable.

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I agree 100%, I also have a Olympus C2040 which I got for $12.00 on Ebay, it's weird that the Smartmedia memory cards are going for more money that the cameras themselves....a 128mb card can cost you as much as a 16gb SD card....weird. Do you ever go to and search pictures by camera model? It's even amazing to see quality pics taken with a D460 1.3MP Olympus, these cameras are great for getting the kids as young as 6 years old into the world of photography.

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