Are A5xx cameras really "poorly featured"

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Re: A few other obvious points..

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Strangely, with these models they seem to be behind by choice in that dept. I have no doubt that they could have included almost all of the traditional features you and others would have wanted, plus the above list, for maybe a grand total of $50 extra. They just chose not to. It is a bit of a head scratcher to say the least.

Not a head scratcher really. Sony probably didn't want A5xx to compete against upcoming A700 replacement. If you add Quick Navi, MLU, DOF, to A550, the incentive to pay $500 extra for A750 would have been much lower.

Thats the reason....all manufacturers do this, its very common in the car industry, sometimes base models lack things like cruise control, or a line in for an ipod, it would cost nothing to include them, but they need you to have an incentive to buy up.....its obvious really

Have to disagree 100%, seems some folks are busy making excuses for Sony.

As for MLU etc, far too many models lower end that have it, Canon EOS 1000d for one, that's the cheap entry think again folks! Sure we know there are differences between models, but Sony are crippling the lower ones too much.

Suggesting an A7xx for what, will probably be over £1000, just to get MLU and a DOF preview, sorry but I don't see that flying at all. Simply put, I have no intentions of paying such a high price, for what are the most basic features to ask for. Who is up for paying a grand to get P shift??? lol, Canon have all of this on their 500d, priced a lot lower than £1000

Add to that, with my original point, about lack of customisation and in camera effects editing etc (which might appeal to less experienced users) this does highlight problems..

I'll cite the D90 to D300 as a good example of why people will pay more, and how it's possible to make a mid level body that is well featured, and not crippled. Compromises are always there, but you just have a lot more in Alpha world.

Anyone who comes onto this board and says MLU and DOF preview etc etc, pay a grand for it, and that's fine, is living in a fantasy just does not hold up v other makers..heck Oly even put AF adjustments in their E620..

Sony are currently the simpleton of the camera world, that's not so appealing really.

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