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Re: For the record

Roland Karlsson wrote:

mamallama wrote:

Yes, I'm aware of the subtext.

The nice thing about "reading the subtext" is that you can read whatever you like. Its just to use your imagination and fantasy and believe whatever you want to believe. You can then get a warm and cozy feeling when you read what you want to read instead of the actual text. You then get confirmation of all your beliefs.

I know how people use them to boost their egos.

I can imagine that this is exactly so. You are trying the best you can, thats obvious.

Now you can tell me mam: are you a Troll or are you seriously believing in what you write?

As you said about "tool", that I can use whatever definition I choose, I'll give you the same liberty with your word "troll": To quote you, exactly, "You may use whatever definition you want. Nemas problemas" .

Now about believing what I write. Absolutely . Your continued saying a camera with lesser features than your G11 is not a photographic tool, even after I pointed out to you the dictionary definition of "tool" reminded me of this incident:

When I was quite young and living in the deep, segregated South, I addressed a black man as Mr. Harris. A woman chastised me and said I should address a black man as "boy". I later found out why and that memory is indelibly with me. That's my parallel memory.

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