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Pedro Dias
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DAM software

I asked this question in the Nikon D1-D700 forum where I normally dwell, but didn't get much of an answer, so I'll try again here.


DAM = Digital Asset Management, as in software to help you describe as well as find your digital documents, such as images, videos, music, etc.

My question is:

When you have tens of thousands of photos in your collection (I'm nearing 50 000 images), there is an urgent need for software that lets me find the picture I'm thinking of fast.

Up until recently, I've been using FotoStation, but because they have lost their way with Nikon Images (they do not read embedded iptc/xmp from NEF's, nor are they able to preview a modified NEF) I've been forced to leave them.

Right now I'm in DAM limbo, using ExifPro for previews, but having nothing to searhc nor tag with that I'm comfortable using.

I also find it a little provoking that the big players, such as Adobe and Nikon use proprietary ways to impose changes on a RAW image. I can't see the changes I made to a NEF with NX in lightroom, nor can I see any changes made with LR in NX.

DXO looks like an awesome piece of software, but it's not entirely "compatible" with neither NX nor lightroom in terms of workflow. It spits out something other than NEF's. I'd love to be able to do the lens corrections on my lens, move on to tag, or hey, ,maybe I want to go back to a previously edited photo to see what DXO does for it - no can do, apparently. Why can't I take a DXO corrected NEF into NX2 to do some modifications to it, then catalog the result with LR?

I certainly don't want to tie all my eggs to the adobe basket, they're great at what they do, but that does not make them the only supplier of photo software.

Rant aside;

So - what do you do? How do you cope with the situation that NX, Adobe "sabotage" eachothers meta data, and what software do you use to cope with the tens of thousands of images?

(this really does not become an issue before you're well beyond 25 000 RAW images, and structured folder plas no longer help you in finding what you're after)

Side question: If you're a Nikon shooter, using NX and LR and DXO, I'd love to hear how your workflow looks like.

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