How to Count 7D activations?

Started Dec 19, 2009 | Discussions thread
Dietmar Fichter Senior Member • Posts: 1,655
Re: Here is how to check shutter count:

No that is not the shutter count only the number of counts that the battery delivered. Unfortunately, every time the battery is recharged the counter stats at zero again.

Fortunately when I first got my 7D I began to log the number of battery shutter counts before I recharge the battery and I keep adding the cumulative counts together before the battery is charged. This may seem tedious but I have an accurate shutter count to date,


JKOmalley wrote:

To check your shutter count:
1 Press Menu
2 Select the 3rd Yellow Wrench symbol
3 Select battery info
4 Press Set
Shutter count is displayed.

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