Lightroom 2.6 (non RC) available

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That may be so ..

but I've tried both and DPP converts to a much nicer image than LR 2.6 or LR 3 beta. The color is better and the detail (not sharpness) is better. After conversion, sometimes I use LR or one other program to tweak since DPP is mainly a converter.

BTW, I've switched back and forth between the two converters so often my wife thinks I'm nuts. I wanted to use LR but I've found I just can't be happy with the results.

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I'm still gonna use LR... The work flow is much easier. Then I can run the images trough noise ninja. is hard to work on thousands of pictures in DPP.. at least for me.

plus equal settings are not equal anyway, each program has different amounts of forced internal NR, you really need to compare by best, most comparable effort from each, whatever settings get you there (a pretty tricky process actually since balancing noise and detail, so many possible slider settings, etc. although a general sense can be gotten reasonably easily)

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