Barcelona 2 - the genius of Gaudi

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Barcelona 2 - the genius of Gaudi

One of the highlights of a visit to Barcelona is the experience of meeting Antonio Gaudi's work 'live' and understanding the thought and innovation behind it, the scale of the Segrada Familia knock's you out, and the special beauty of some of his work is something the trip is worth for alone.

The sheer size of the segrada familia, the church is still being built, a hundred years after starting the project, and they hope to finish in twenty years. Each of these towers is 100m high, there will be 12 of them, and the main tower will be 170m high!

The ceiling is supposed to resemble a forest, because that is the best place in nature for solitude and worshiping God. The columns are the trees, and because no two trees are exactly alike, neither are the columns.

Casa Batlo

The inner courtyard, because the higher floors are nearer to the sun, the highlights will be blown, therefore the tint and colour of the ceramics is slightly darker, and decreases as you go down, so that when you look up from the bottom you see one shade all the way up.

The attic with special Gaudi arches based on a whale's ribcage

A set of chimneys

La pedrera (casa mila)

It's roof at night

and the Casa Batlo at night

I have many more examples of his work, including furniture, but enough for now, it there will be interest I'll post a thread of Park Guel, a park he designed in his unique way.

Hope you enjoy these like we did

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