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Re: Reccomended?

so now after all the smoke has settled and we have sifted through all the detritus of this conversation we can conclude:

1. the camera deserves the recommended rating because its the best image quality in its class. there needs to be no other reason for the rating.

2. the camera is very expensive and will not for many users be a good value for the money as they would be just as satisfied with one of the other cameras mentioned.

3.the nay sayers and "fanboys" dang I hate that expressing, will never agree on anything because of their inability to compromise or a congenital defect which inhibits their reason when faced with red dot.

4. that we should put red dots on all cameras to eliminate reddot syndrome from clouding our otherwise opinionated reasoning
5. after one hundred twenty two posts almost nothing new is being said.
we can conclude this thread. yah sure fat chance
bosjohn aka John Shick bosjohn@comcast.net

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