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Re: Specifics on printing for art...

ADWyatt wrote:

I'd like to thank everyone who responded to my questions; that was much appreciated. To be more specific on what I'm looking for...

Let me say by "art" that I mean papers that will show digital paintings from Corel Painter most closely replicating the look of the canvas they were meant to be painted on. This seems easy at first glance. A watercolor, for instance, would be printed on Epson's watercolor paper. The digital watercolor paper texture that could be laid over a painting in Painter (such as Italian or French), would probably reproduce convincingly on the Epson paper. However, when you consider that Painter has many hundreds of different paper textures and brushes, covering all types of painting media, having only a limited access to printing papers becomes a bit of an issue. I've been told repeatedly by my instructors that most artists only have three or four favorite styles, so I would narrow my search for the best papers to fit my needs. For the record, I primarily paint with standard and artists' oils, standard watercolor (and now John Derry's watercolors), and acrylics.

I'm still confused about what your intent is. Are you trying to simulate texture in the print or trying to find a textured paper?

My reason for posting here is that the 3800 cannot print on certain grades of art paper that Epson sells, either because the papers are of a larger size than 17x22, or come on rolls, and these may be papers that I need to produce the best canvas effects. Since this is a photography site, and I use photography only for subject painting, I may not be able to get detailed answers to my questions of what printer or printer paper may be best for my style of portraiture painting, but I thought I'd post here and see what kind of response I would get.

Again, your statement isn't entirely accurate. The 3800 can print on virtually every paper, not just certain Epson varieties. Simply because the paper isn't specifically enumerated in the driver, it doesn't mean that the paper can't be used. Rather, one either develops custom profiles or uses profiles that are similar to the ones listed in the driver. Also, the 3800 can use paper larger than 17x22 and in fact you can purchase roll paper and cut it down.

At this point, I'm going to guess that Epson's Velvet Fine Art, UltraSmooth and Watercolor may fit the bill for most occasions, so I'll go ahead and order them on a trial basis. If I order the 7900 next year, things may change, as more paper styles will become available. However, if anyone knows of third-party papers that they think may do a better job than Epson's for my needs, please feel free to tell me about them.

If you have the $ to purchase a 7900, I would ask why are you wasting your time with a 3800? The 7900 is in another league.

As far as other papers are concerned, my best advice is this: Find a vendor such as or and purchase several of their sample packs of a variety of papers. Thus you can find the one(s) that suit your needs in terms of color, feel, texture, surface properties, etc. Short of that, I can't guess what you are thinking.

Thanks in advance for all replies.

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