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Re: Why is it then

Ok that's a fair point but you must understand that this is my own opinion and I speak for no one but myself.

As I've said several times before in other threads I will end up getting an M9, I've also however said that if Leica continued to produce the M8/M8.2 I would buy one of those over an M9 (this is of course when my M8.2 nolonger works), I personally don't need what the M9 provides over the M8, I shoot with the M8 in daylight and print up to A3+, sometimes I've printed larger and the M8 files have delivered with no problem.

however at some point my M8.2 will stop working and the cost of repair might outway the cost of replacing it, in that event I will have to buy an M9 (or whatever Mx is current) if I want to continue shooting with a DRF.

my main problem with the M9 is that it's way over priced however once the M9 is freely available and M8/M8.2 are nolonger available to buy new the M9 will drop in price, I would expect that in 18 months to 2 years the price of an M9 will be a 1/3rd less than it's current price.

Weather one can afford an M9 or not doesn't change the fact that for what it is it's over priced, given that an M8 can be purchased new for less than half the price of an M9 just reinforces this.

As I said before I still have yet to see anything from the M9 which comes even close to justifying it's high cost

polarabbit wrote:

that you said you would consider getting a M9 while still keeping your M8.2? Isn't that contradictory to your opinion of the M9?


CutterUK wrote:
Not even from the 2 hours and 100+ shots I took with one

BRJR wrote:
Not, even 12mm size images?

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