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Re: Japanese manual translations -

rennie12 wrote:

The English-speaking world is a major, major market for high end Japanese cameras, obviously.

So it is particularly amazing that such factories are unable to obtain adequate English translations for their manuals.

I have a friend who is married to a native Japanese (ex-occupation duty post WWII) who speaks a good bit of Japanese himself. He claims that spoken Japanese is not difficult but written Japanes is extremely difficult (being based on a totally different writing system. Perhaps that is the underlying problem.

Personally I have never seen a Japanese manual well translated into English. I have only seen manuals for several Canon products, plus a KM A2, and Pentaxes - not very many, so maybe there are some good ones.

Good luck finding one. For several years, and still on occasion, I wrote and rewrote manuals for Taiwanese and Chinese tools. I needed the tools on hand for photography, which was a good thing, because the English translations I was given were absolutely undecipherable about 40% of the time, and had no real information the other 60% of the time.

Oddly enough, I've seen some manuals for Italian tools that are just about as bad, though that's usually from trying to make one manual serve the needs of six or seven tools of the same type, but of different motor sizes, mounts, speed transfer and on. That's know as being too cheap for your own good, and was a feature of some of the most expensive, and best, tools in their particular classes. Even assembly instructions were poor, making the assembly of a tool take something like four or five times as long to complete as should be needed.

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