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Another Perspective - Why I'll Probably Buy It

Out shooting with my GF1 late this afternoon, now back to reading this thread.
So much emotion. So much personalizing. And also many interesting perspectives.

Here's another perspective.

I'm likely to purchase the X1 (not a lock yet but close) for these reasons.

Personal, Emotional, Irrational:

My last car purchase was a VW Passat, even though my prior cars for twenty years had been Honda's which were great cars. But I'd always wanted a European style car and despite some mixed reviews fell in love with the VW. I've had some occasional problems with it and it has cost me more for repairs than my Hondas did. But I've loved having it and driving it more than any car I ever had, tho it isn't "the best performing car" I've ever had.

I grew up with a Voigtlander and loved using it on NY streets when I was 13/14. I've come full circle through over 50 years of shooting and want a small retro feeling, looking and handling camera...and I've always wanted a Leica (I'd also always wanted a Nikon and finally bought one two years ago) It doesn't matter what the reasons are and if you tell me it's irrational I'll be the first to agree with you. It has nothing to do with status. I might even cover the logo. It does have to do with some feeling of connection to the tradition. AND.... I hate complex menus. I love simplicity. I think I'll love having this camera.

Logical, Technical

The quality of the sensor and the quality of the lens and the colors and just my personal aesthetic response to the BEST photos I've seen from the camera (many are terrible but why go there...) has been extremely positive...Though this too is personal and intuitive. I hope the problems with the manual controls get fixed, at least some of them, but clearly some good photographers have nicely worked around them. So can I. And my most preferred shooting length for my preferred street shooting is 35mm.
So partially logical, partially intuitive, partially an act of faith.

Sold off lenses I wasn't using...have enough to afford the camera...
AND, I've been amazed at the luck I've had selling photo equipment on eBay.

People get involved in bidding and end up paying more at times than they would from B&H! So if I am really disappointed I figure the most I'll lose is a few hundred dollars for the short term rental.

So I'm not about to argue with anyone's critique of the camera.
Life is too short to waste time agonizing over stuff like this.
The pleasure is there for the taking and too many are missing it.

I'll have fun getting it and playing with it...and if I also produce some really good photos that will be a great bonus.


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