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Re: Comparisons: Reviewer is correct.

When you look at the sample shots full size it is not much different detail than from other DSLR at low to mid ISO.

I'll trust that what stands out a bit is high ISO performance.

Leica is not using radical new technology so they fall under the same auspices of digital problems and limitations as all others.

Digital has become a recipe of the same technology ingredients remixed so many times. Only low sensor density is an escape.

Look how often RAW is now advised to be the best IQ of all.

When you examine your best results with digitals you've owned you can recognize a theme of technology limitation.

Regarding technology, fringing is an old problem and still hangs around destroying image quality. Some process it out and that is a cheat to improving technology.
Others leave it as if it were somehow not obvious.

Graphics cards and monitors advance in higher resolution and detail as if nobody noticed. LOL

Scan something at 600 dpi and you know what your graphics are capable of.

What Leica can do to easily strengthen their foot hold is address firmware programming for quick to user improvements.

To me it appears they are not yet comfortable breaking away from old tradition as if firmware required self imposed mechanical limitations; which do not exist except by design.

Lack of excellent firmware is their weakness at the moment and yet Europe has a wealth of software experience from Linux to hacking existing camera firmware.

The only way you can successfully challenge a review is to own the camera yourself. Then the review is blameless as it never intended to replace your personal experience.

After a time you are either happy and keep the camera or not.

One advantage the reviewers have is they are less likely to get an out of spec dud or recall candidate.

tompabes2 wrote:

I don't wanna question the review, the pros and cons, I don't care of the final rating, but one thing struck me.

In all the comparisons (against the D300s, the G11 and the LX3, if I'm not wrong), the Leica has an evident advantage in detail.
It is so evident that you can see it with just a glance at the images.

Yet, in every page the reviewer keeps saying that this is due to in-camera sharpening, that there is only a slight advantage... to me, it is very clear that the amount of detail in the X1 images cannot be recovered by sharpening the other images. There's simply a lot more detail that is not present in the other images, and it's not a matter of sharpening.

What do you think? Am I missing something? Am I not experienced enough to judge or you also feel that the reviewer didn't do justice to the X1 images when it comes to detail and sharpness?

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