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Comparisons: is the reviewer blind? :-)

I don't wanna question the review, the pros and cons, I don't care of the final rating, but one thing struck me.

In all the comparisons (against the D300s, the G11 and the LX3, if I'm not wrong), the Leica has an evident advantage in detail.
It is so evident that you can see it with just a glance at the images.

Yet, in every page the reviewer keeps saying that this is due to in-camera sharpening, that there is only a slight advantage... to me, it is very clear that the amount of detail in the X1 images cannot be recovered by sharpening the other images. There's simply a lot more detail that is not present in the other images, and it's not a matter of sharpening.

What do you think? Am I missing something? Am I not experienced enough to judge or you also feel that the reviewer didn't do justice to the X1 images when it comes to detail and sharpness?

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