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Re: Actually, I do get it

Like so many things in life the question is what is best performance and how much better does it need to be than second place. Even in this review the Leica was considered the best image quality of any other compact camera. This alone is enough for a recommended rating. It is, however, found to be the best by a thin margin. It is said to be as good in image quality as the nikon d300s which costs just about the same in the USA with the lens as tested. So as a compact camera it most surely has earned the recommended rating being best in class. But does not compare well with the full featured dslr except with a size advantage.

The biggest gripe by far is the price, number two gripe is the fixed lens and number three gripe no built in optical finder. There is no hiding it no way to get around it so anyone who is considering the camera will have to think about these when making a decision.

As for the first gripe the price. The huge price gap we see here in the USA is a reflection not so much of Leica's pricing policy rather a reflection of the fact that the Dollar is way down to the Euro and the high import duties in europe for Japanese and asian goods.

The price difference between the x1 and the Panasonic GF1 is much closer in Europe than it is here.

the fixed lens has been beaten to death in discussion but I would point out that with such image quality as this camera seems to have it will deliver some very good printable images even at half sensor. No not as great as un cropped but still very usable.

the finder issue has also been discussed to death but it seems its the trend nowadays in compact cameras save for the canon is to not include eye level finders and offer them as an after market sale. Leica should hardly be faulted for doing the same here as its nearest competitors

Bottom line the camera earned a recommended rating lets move on. I will not be getting one but I am liking much of what I am seeing. If Leica can get the software to focus and shoot faster and to offer the ability to set hyper focal distances and a usable manual focus and several other items that are probably addressable in the software they could have a winner but if they don't fix the software then maybe the next iteration will.
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