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My post here isn't relative to this specific post of yours.

But I would like to say that a very good thing about DPR reviews is that I find a great deal of material, especially quantifiable data, whereby the reader can make up his/her own mind about the merits of products.

I'm suggesting to the other writers in this thread that the "final conclusive word", such as "Recommended," isn't the beginning and end of the review-even if it does appear at the end!

There is no inflation or deflation in the data included with all the DPR reviews. And there are plenty of comparative images to be had.

So this is basically a "thumbs up" to the reviews from DPR.

Maybe we could all put a lot less weight on the ONE WORD which appears at the end, rather than the many Pages Upon Pages of review data and commentary.

I guess DPR could eliminate that Final Word, and just let everyone make their own silent conclusions. But perhaps that wouldn't be as much fun.

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