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Re: Nope - not IMHO

lotzi wrote:

I understand that you have a G10. May I ask how often do you use
-the filter thread
-hot shoe

You may have a bit screw driver. How often do you use all the bits? And what would you say if the bit screw driver had a special mount and just could take two kind of bits - the two bits you "always" use? And your mobile phone. Can you only phone a limited set of numbers. I mean - you dont need to be able to phone anyone - do you?

A photographic tool gives you possibilities IMHO. Some you dont use.

Btw - I use the filter mount - yes. I do take IR images. I have not taken any with G10 yet. But it will come. The hot shoe is for my flash. I have not yet used it - but it will happen. Possibilities!

Regarding the sturdiness, I am perfectly agreeing with you about the pleasures of using a sturdy camera. Still: any photography enthusiast will probably end up buying a DLSR.

I have two Pentax DSLR a G10 a G2 and an F20. (And lots of film cameras )

I use the G10 about 30% of the time. The rest is my K-7 right now. I really like being able to walk around with a reasonably sized and good camera. The G10 is really good.

Then, you will need something lighter, for carrying around etc, that would be the Panasonic ZS3 for me (some people my buy something even more pocketable).

My wife has the F20 in her hand bag or pocket. Sometimes I take no camera and use that. Its quite good in good lighting. Its too small and flimsy and hard to hold stable though. And its irritating that all things you want to do you have to wade through menus. The user interface is infinitely better on G10.

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