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Many of you just don't get it

An awful lot of folks are assuming that the camera with the best performance and the greatest functionality should cost the most.

So when a $2000 camera gets outperformed by a $700 camera they feel that only fools would spend $2000 for that camera when they could buy three cameras that make better images for the same price.

But the truth is that all people don't necessarily place functionality and performance over everything else. And for some people the entire concept of "good value" is meaningless, because they don't worry about cost.

Some folks are willing to pay dearly for:

  • status and prestiege

  • exclusivity

  • style

  • ergonomics

  • nostalgia

  • snob appeal

  • brand name

  • exceptional build quality

  • uniqueness or rarity

  • and many other factors that may be important to THEM, but not to YOU

If you believe that performance should be the only factor that matters, then you need to explain why Rolex can sell a wristwatch for $12,000 that keeps worse time than a $20 Timex. Because they really do sell them for that price, and people really do line up to buy them.

If you believe that value for the money should be the most important factor, then no one could sell a bottle of wine for more than $10. And yet people are willing to pay $500 for certain bottles of wine... which means "$125 a glass!"

Leica makes very good cameras that are worth their steep prices ONLY IF you value things OTHER than perfomance and cost. And this is why Dpreview has tested three Leica cameras (The Digilux2, the M8, and the X1) and all three failed to get a Highly Recommended rating. And this is because Dpreview is only measuring things that can be measured. They can only measure things like resolution and dynamic range. They have no way of quantifying your personal pleasure and pride of ownership.

Everthing on that list above CAN be important for someone.
Even if those factors seem unimportant and trivial to you or me.
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