Fake Epson ink cartridge??

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Re: Fake Epson ink cartridge??

It was a cart. for 750 but I was told the 870 one was coming!

Leon Wittwer wrote:
Albert, Do you know which printer the fake cartridges were for? I would
have thought that the electronic gizmo on each cartridge for the 870/1270
would be hard to duplicate but in such a profitable market, who knows?

Kieran wrote:
I normally get my epson ink in MX2 in Jersey Europe and have no problems
but I got one batch from a friend you buys in Germany and the catridges
and boxes looked the same but I found the catridge was only lasting about
one third of the time. Naybe these were not genuine Epson Catridges.

Albert wrote:

I do not own an Epson printer so I don't have experience on fading
problem. However, following the threads indicate people experience
Different fading periods ranging a day or two to a few weeks...
Ozone, humidity & UV account for some reasons behind it, but does any of
you suspect your ink cartridge was a fake?
Recently, the Chinese police raided 5 underground factories at a place
called ShenZhen(a place just across the boarder of HongKong). I was shown
a fake Epson Cart & I had it compared to a real one & the result was the
Fake was more real than the authentic one
Any thoughts??

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