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Re: Here's how:

pxpaulx wrote:

Andy Westlake wrote:

That's an interesting comparison - I've just put the K7 and X1 side-by-side on my desk, and they're really very different in size and weight (even with the 40/2.8 on the K-7). The X1 is also significantly quieter - because all those lovely tiny Pentax Limited primes use screw-drive focusing, and only the much larger DA* lenses have ultrasonic motors. So no, sorry, it doesn't offer the same combination of pocketability and silent shooting at all..

What makes you think we're not reviewing the K-x?

Hey Andy, didn't realize you were a reviewer here!

dpreview should consider in forums having employee names highlighted, or badged, or put in a different color -- something so people can recognize moderators and reviewers. (Of course, that might attract unwanted attention as well. )

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