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Re: Let the bashing begin!

It seems that the X1 is kinda a ritzy Sigma DP series with a little better ISO performance and better body build. At least the DP's have in their favor that fact that they are priced well under 1K.

What is starkly clear here is that except for some die-hard Leicaphiles, Leica Solms simply cannot competitively compete in the modern market with similar models of cameras head-to-head. That is why they smartly stay away from the 35mm DSLR market. Their red dot head would quickly be handed to them if they thought about releasing a 4K++ DSLR that was about the same (or most likely less) than the D300s, or the 7D. The only digital camera that Leica is even in the ballpark as far as being competitive with it's counterparts is with the D-Lux line, and that has much more to do with Panasonic's involvement than with Leica themselves.

As some else has correctly pointed out on this thread, Leica would be so much better off concentrating on perfecting their non-competitive lines like their digital RF niche ( M9.2?) - then flailing away with an overpriced, underspec'ed, glorified P&S. The EP-1, and GF-1 seem to be the future for high quality, practical, compact digital photography. The X1 is another one of Leica's "vanity" projects that again seems to ignore everything around it - and they still "demand" more twice the price for the privilege of owning one.

These X1's are going to depreciate faster than a pricey mortgage in a bad neighborhood. Look for them for quite a sum less than their current nosebleed retail cost of 2K by late 2010 on eBay.

Also, did anyone check out how much they want for the OVF? They are $350 on Amazon - with a "Special" package price of $2474.90 - that would normally cost $2710. Maybe the Leica X1.2 will sport a "Sapphire Glass" LCD for a mere $500 more.

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