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Re: There is ALOT of positive about the X1

Elliot H wrote:

Greg Gebhardt wrote:

But everyone seems to seek and amplify the negative. Leica continue to "twist noses" at just the mention of their name! Just because because it cost $2000 does not mean it has to be perfect! ALot of you naysayers just need to admit you hate what you can't afford! The Leica forum has seen so many of these come and go!


I kind of think you both have missed the point. I could sell my entire catalog of Pentax gear, and swing 2 of these. I'm not rich by any means, but I am sure many forum members could afford this camera. If the camera were revolutionary, many would, but it simply isn't.

I certainly don't hate Leica; though I will likely never delve into the brand, the M9 looks to be an absolute beauty of a camera, and the long history of lenses is I am sure even more impressive...but none of them will fit on the X1. It isn't an entry level into the Leica realm, it is a stand-alone, sub-niche camera for people with lots of money.

It is simply baffling to me that this camera, unreleased and with a beta firmware, which caters to a handful (quite possibly literally) of this site's forum base (not to mention general visitors) gets reviewed before other, more realistically appealing products which are already on the market. I hit up Luminous Landscape occasionally, and it wouldn't surprise me to find some type of review up there post-haste, prior to street release, because that it is targeted to a market they directly relate to. Dpreview is supposed to be a consumer oriented website for the masses (not the nouveau riche or the bourgeoisie).

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