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Barry Fitzgerald wrote:

Amazed at the lack of optical finder, esp considering it's a leica and a fixed lens.

The lack of an optical finder is right up there with the fixed lens as most heard complaints for the X1. I have a somewhat different take on this issue.

Ok sure leica could have put an optical finder in the camera but the problem is in order to keep the camera as small as it is an optical finder would be so small and the magnification so low as to be not very good. Certainly no better than the earlier screw mt. leicas and perhaps even a tad smaller. It would also add a couple two three hundred to an already astronomical price tag.

But look at the bright side Leica has offered one of their famous accessory shoes. This means you can pick and choose from a myriad of optical finders out there that will mount on the shoe and be removable to keep the camera svelt. Note this is the same route that panasonic and olympus and ricoh are usiing as well.

you could have different finders for different photographic pastimes. A wire sports finder for the ultimate? street shooter. the cosina 35mm bright line finder for more contemplative photography. Think of it you get to pick and choose a finder that, wow, if you wear eye glasses will allow you to see the whole frame, you can find one for a couple two three dollars at a flea market or pay Leica three or so hundred for theirs. Come on guys think outside the box once in a while.

As I mentioned if Leica were to have a built in finder of say the quality in terms of image magnification and distortion correction offered in their accessory finder the size of the camera would increase by about twenty five percent and the cost increase about the same.

Also don't forget Leica like any other camera company needs to make profit. Point and shoot cameras and the x1 will not generate any after market sales save for the finder. If you think the x1 over priced wait till you see the price for thier finder. I would recommend to anyone purchasing the x1 to forgo the Leica finder and hunt around for used finders or if you insist on new check out the cosina bright line 35 mm finder its about as good as it gets for an optical finder.

Also check out on ebay some of the earlier Leitz sports finders they are very useful for street or anywhere where you are trying to follow fast moving dynamic and you can't scratch the glass.
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