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Re: DPR lens tests,

Andy -

I can see where revamping the rating system is definitely needed! BUT...I think people put too much stock into the final worded ratings. I generally find the scoring categories to be much more useful and representative of a camera's overall value, and hope you keep those numbers. Rather than giving a final worded verdict, why not let those scores stand on their own, and simply total them?

Rather than giving a final 'recommended, highly recommended, etc' worded rating, use the current scale and add another category - intangibles. You could break down each particular camera reviewed with an intangibles category, showcasing strengths that otherwise might be missed (this category can also be welcome to subjective options as well - I don't have a problem with them, as long as they are portrayed as such!).

To those who are asking how many of the posters in this thread actually use or have used Leicas I would respond - WE are the majority of the users of this site, and are simply trying to ascertain why a camera from this market segment (basically Leica is its' own segment, isn't it?) has been given the red carpet treatment over currently available, more consumer-oriented, price competitive cameras.

Then again I shoot Pentax, that has-been brand. I can be self-depricating as well...Leica, welcome to the club. (or was it sarcastic?)

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