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Re: Rating system

Andy Westlake wrote:

frozenlight wrote:

If there is an explanation of your rating system somewhere please point me to it because I am happy to be enlightened.

About -> FAQ

We're fully aware that the current rating system is becoming increasingly controversial - some people get upset if the camera they have spent good money on isn't awarded a rating as high as they'd like, while others get strangely upset over ratings given to cameras they've neither seen nor used, and don't even want to buy. Thing is though, the current system has been in use essentialy unchanged almost since Phil first started the site nearly 11 years ago, and ratings creep has begun to catch up on us (Simon had a long discussion about this with the Sony forum after the A550 review).

We're planning on a revamp of the system starting next year, which will no doubt given rise to equally vehement (just different) complaints.

OK fair enough. I'm just seeking to understand...

When I'm not trying to improve myself as a photographer I do freelance work helping major corporations make very high dollar (often multi-billion $) investment decisions between multiple competing investment opportunities under competing constraints and objectives (sound familiar?).

If your criteria are clearly set forth and transparent for all to see (and hopefully understand) then you will minimize the scope for flame wars and complaints.

I suggest that a features and benefits scoring system using a Simple Multiple Attribute Rating Technique (SMART) construct might be worth a look. That way, folks can make their own Even Swaps between features and benefits that they value more than others and derive their own rating scores and conclusions.

By all means let me know if you would like some help with that.

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