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Re: Here's how: Not.

Andy Westlake wrote:

The X1 is recommended because it provides excellent image quality, even at high ISOs, in a small, silent, discrete camera. So if you really want this combination of features, the X1 is currently about your best bet.

No it is clearly not.

Yes I want great IQ but I also need to shoot kids, sports action, wildlife, and street... so I need functional AF for speed when its needed and also functional MF when I want to be a bit more creative...again, in comparison to the other AF and MF capable compact options out there, this is clearly a non-starter. Your review clearly points out the slow/poor AF and disfunctional MF of this camera. Sorry I still don't understand your logic with respect to "Recommended".

If you want great IQ for landscapes then why mess around with the limitations of a compact? Use a DSLR.

Why spend $2000 if all you want to shoot is still portraits, and frozen travel shots..? I don't see the price remotely justifying this. In any case, for travel purposes, the battery life is very poor in comparison to the competition... So again it seems to be a very pricey path to IQ for limited shooting opportunities...

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