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Jim Radcliffe
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I was sorry to see this....

The review pretty much went the way I expected it to go. I honestly was hoping the camera would be a home run success. I can see the small universe of photographers who will buy the X1 but for most of us I think I got it right when I said... too little, too late, too expensive.

I'm sure we will see some stunning images from the X1 much like I saw from the DP1 but as with the DP1 their are characteristics of the camera and features missing that keep me from using it on a day to day basis. As DPReview noted, there are cameras for half the price that maybe can not match the X1 sensor but totally outperform the X1 in versatility and also have great image quality even with a smaller sensor.

Leica needed to produce a Digital CL. Nothing more, nothing less.. at the same price point or slightly higher (say $2.5 to $3K) and they would have had a winner as an entry level "Real" Leica. Many of us have been saying this for years and no one in Solms seems to hear us. I just don't believe the X1 is the entry level Leica serious amateurs and hobbyist desire.

The good news is... they will sell the thing anyway because of that red dot.

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