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Andy Westlake wrote:

The X1 is recommended because it provides excellent image quality, even at high ISOs, in a small, silent, discrete camera. So if you really want this combination of features, the X1 is currently about your best bet.

Except it isn't your best bet with either of the current m4/3 cameras available at half the price or more; if you want a near silent shutter you can also step up to the relatively compact and much more usable pentax K7 as well, slap on a high end limited prime and you are just getting into the same neighborhood price-wise.

If the image quality is at best only on par with all of the significantly cheaper offerings, how do you justify paying $1,000 for a name?

I don't even quite understand why a camera like this is getting reviewed (and so quickly) by a mainly consumer-oriented camera website. The kind of people who buy this camera are going to tend to be people who probably don't even do their own shopping. The only real reason I see this getting reviewed is that it doesn't compete at all with the big brands that get pushed around here; meanwhile the Pentax K-x has been out 2 months without a review, and is a serious alternative to, for example, the d3000 which was just reviewed. This site is increasingly becoming laughable.

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