I want resolution

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Re: I want resolution

audiobomber wrote:

Please tell me why he needed to spend an extra $1K for the handling of a 50D over the baseline Canon. Or why he needs 15mp when he only intends to use a superzoom.

There is probably no reason for him not to buy the cheapest Canon (1000D?). In Norway people are so rich, so it's even worse here. A few days ago a man (a man of cource) asked in a local photo forum: "I need help to upgrade my Nikon equipment, I want to spend about $13000,- on it. What do I need?". He already has a lot, and listed a lot of lenses and the complete obsolete and useless D200
So much money and the only thing he want is to spend them!

I'm happy that another member answered: "If you have to ask here what to buy, you don't need to spend $13000 on equipment".

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