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Here's a link that just compares images

As we all know, DPreview compares IQ within reviews, and within a pre-set set of cameras, of their choice (generally this is limited to cameras of the same class and/or same price range).

And, they continue to produce crops with the same pixel size, instead of the same real-world size - the result being that crop size varies, and that cameras with more megapixels will lose any advantage their higher resolution might give them. This is seriously flawed and leads to a paradox: crops from a camera of say 10'000 pixels would be the full image, and crops from a camera of say 100mp's would be minuscule (as a proportion of the initial scene) and it would be meaningless to try to compare the two. Whereas comparing the two IMAGES (or subsets) would work.

One site that compares crops very well (and properly ie always based on the same real-world image size), and more importantly, allows you to compare between any cameras you'd like, and does this very quickly with pull-down menus, is:
dkamera dot de

Sure it's in German but here's what you do:

  • on the left side under green button "digital kameras testberichte", pick a brand

  • then pick on any of the tests that show up

  • then in the title table (blue) for that test, click on "bildqualitaet" (which means, image quality)

  • this takes you to a VERY neat comparison tool which allows you to do many fun things such as: chose between JPEG and RAW, set the ISO, chose between daylight, flash, or night

I picked the S90 for example. Their default test partner is the G11 but you can set anything else, including APS-C dlsr's, full-frame, etc.

This great tool allows one to get a pretty good idea of what any camera delivers, and how this compares, in a matter of minutes. To be compared to hours if using other sites.

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