Wide Angle Lens Suggestion for 5d

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Re: Wide Angle Lens Suggestion for 5d

Is possible for you to rent one to try out? it's better to play with the lens yourself instead of looking at other people's picture, look at a great 35L or 24L or whatever doesn't tell you the whole story, you may or may not like the idea of 'zooming with your feet" or you may or may not like the working distance of that particular lens provides, that's very important too besides the image quality. yeah, may be you can actually get by with just 35 and 85 like your said, but you can only find out about it by trying that particular lens in your real world shooting, no one here can help you on this one.

jgeisen wrote:

Some very good points made above. Do any of you have any shots you'd like to share to illustrate what you are talking about? That would be great if you could. I've looked on pixelpeeper and Flickr, but some others would be welcomed. Also, I'm not completely averse to using flash. I mean, I do have one and use it when I need to. It's really more about focal length, I think, and what is the smartest choice in that regard. I would love a 35/1.4, but I just don't think I could justify it at this point. Who knows though, maybe I could get by with just 35 and 85 for a long time? I wonder if the limitations on focal length are worth the gains in image quality and low light shooting ability. This is something I've been pondering for a while now. Don't think I have an answer yet.

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