K20 or Kx

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Re: You tell us what...

duber3 wrote:

Well, I'm at the same point,

The guy at the store have demolish the Kx, which I would like to buy, He demolish it so bad that I'm speechless, He said that my Alpha 300, was way better then the Kx, the pic of the Kx wasn't that clean that was his point.

Ah those wonderful salesmen... Let me guess you went to a Futureshop? I had this kind of BS by their salesmen over there. But really it's simple, the salesmen has probably more bonus selling a Sony than a Pentax. Because no way the A300 is cleaner at high ISO than the K-x, the A300 uses the same 10.2MP CCD as the K10D, K200D and K-m. This sensor is good at low ISO but loose ground quickly after ISO 800.

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