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Re: All above average

StillHaveMyDiana wrote:

I'm relieved that all 22 cameras that were reviewed were above average. I guess that means that at least 22 cameras in the same categories were examined and found to be below average. Since DP Review covers all the major manufacturers, something here does not make sense.

The DPR-tested cameras are rated with respect to the whole universe of current cameras in its category.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but the word "average" has a precise meaning. Are you saying that the major brands that DP Review rates all add up to only half of "the whole universe of current cameras in its category"? I would guess at least 90% is a closer estimate. Can you think of a single major brand of DSLR (for example) that DP Review does not cover?

When everything is "average" or better, the subjective rating loses any meaning -- except to the advertisers.

Don't shoot the messenger. I'm not defending what they do, just reporting what I recall DPR said on the subject. I don't think DPR is saying what you wrote (above), but IIRC what DPR said: they prejudge the cameras (not necessarily brands) they test to be in the "above average" category. That's why the ratings are biased on the high side. Of course, they use their experience (or bias??) to make that prejudgment and post test rating.

Having said that, "average" has a precise meaning only in mathematics and statistical. I don't see or hear of any calculations DPR makes to arrive at the ratings. That's a clear give-a-way that it's just a gut feel.

On a related note, a politician once made a statement blaming the opposition party in power because he heard that half of the school kids were below average. Does that sound like the stuff you hear on a particular cable news channel?

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