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duber3 wrote:

Well, I'm at the same point,

The guy at the store have demolish the Kx, which I would like to buy, He demolish it so bad that I'm speechless, He said that my Alpha 300, was way better then the Kx, the pic of the Kx wasn't that clean that was his point.

The pics are not clean? This is a bad situation and maybe why Pentax does not want its future in the hands of salesmen. The K-x has low noise from ISO200-12,800 compare it to any other APS size sensor dSLR. Take the advice given above and take a card and shoot some pics with the K-x make sure its set up right and shoot ISO200 through ISO 12800 do the same with the Sony and compare.

I don't feel like trying to sell you on it. So I will say this, if something about your purchase is not making you fully happy in your heart take the thing back to that sales guy and ask for your money back or exchange or whatever. But don't live with it becuase of preasure from some sales man. We have a Canon/Pentax shooter here who has a 5D, K-7 and I think a K20D and now really wants a K-x so bad he is standing out in the cold for hours shaking his tripod and making up stories of SR problems so he can find an excuse to return his K-7 and get a K-x (LOL Long story), well he does own them and does want a K-x because get this, of its low noise

I would like to buy the K20 but it's a little bit too expensive, here in canada the price
of a Kx whit the 2 lens is 999, at the same price I have the K20 body only

Its a long term affair, maybe get a $50 kit lens off eBay and build your collection of lens over the years, like all of us. Lens are an investment and it takes time to buy each one for most of us not so rich people, if you really want it.

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